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  • After a horrible motorcycle crash almost a year ago I had four months of physical therapy & I was left with a lot of pain & minimal movement & I’ve lost a lot of strength during my recovery. So I chose Daman Strength training, I began working with coach Shawn twice a week for the past two months at the beginning of the training program I had sciatica down my right side after training for several weeks the pain was gone enough to stop taking the medication the Doctors had me on for the past nine months. My drop foot & movement has drastically improved over the past two months & I am able to walk without assistance of a cane. The atmosphere was encouraging & each session I was pushed to do a little more coach Shawn was with me & would provide positive feed back & ensure I was operating correctly to get the best results! I highly recommend DST for anyone that has movement issues due to life or if you were in a similar situation as I found myself in!
    Tony M.
  • I have been doing one-on-one training with Bryan, Rick and Shawn for six months, and I love it. They know what they are doing and push me to my potential. The staff is very helpful and encouraging. They are good people who know how to have fun while working out.
    Paige B.
  • My son has been going to Daman’s for about four months. During that time, he has made so much progress in his strength, agility, balance and flexibility. He has also gained about ten lbs of muscle. Rick and all of the other trainers are amazing!! Camden was suffering from a basketball injury and just had surgery. Not only is going to Daman’s expediting his healing process, range of motion, and strength, but the mental aspect is the most important. They singlehandedly kept him out of depression since he cannot work out and play ball the way he wants to until he heals. Their positivity, exceptional knowledge base, and the strong family atmosphere are what drives him to want to go every day that he can. We can see the progress on a weekly basis. Thank you for everything!
    Michelle G.
  • I have always been an athlete and always have been active over the years. I never really had the motivation to work out on my own so I always had trainers to help guide me along. DST is by far the best training I have ever received. The coaches constantly motivate me to be better each day I come. I recommend DST to anyone looking to switch their workout routine around for the better!!
  • You are not going to find a business owner of a fitness center more interested in your success of health! Whether you are a child / young adult building strength and agility for sports, a mother just trying to get in better shape after having a baby, or a mature adult trying to live a healthier life- Daman's Strength Training has it going on! The Coaches ROCK! Don't wait, just do it and join the DST Family! I'm a 3 year member and I expect to be a lifetime member! BOOM!
    Pam B
  • There is so much good to say.. I could write a book on the impact Daman's has had on my life. I've never experienced such a great atmosphere to workout out in. The acceptance I feel each time I walk through the door (or crawl if I'm not yet awake) is such a great feeling. My over all physical, mental and emotional status has all around changed. I love it and I love Daman's! DST really is the best gym in town. Great work Rick and the entire staff at DST
    Holly H


Rick Daman

I opened Daman’s Strength Training in November of 2009. I took a chance and followed my passion. I remember being a young kid and buying Muscle Magizines because I was amazed at how big and strong these guys looked. I wanted to be the guy in the magazine so I started lifting weights in my basement. I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that when I hit the weights and cranked Stone Temple Pilots I felt great and was getting stronger. This lead me to join my first gym...

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