Welcome New DST Family Member

Welcome to Daman’s Strength Training. I want to thank you for taking the first step toward becoming fit, lean, and strong! You’ve taken the biggest step by contacting Daman’s Strength Training and making the decision to change your life. This puts you in the 1% of all the population, and for that, we thank you. Selecting our gym and our team of coaches to guide you on your path of results and success does not go unnoticed, and is not taken lightly. My Team and I are honored to be a part of your journey. Thank you for trusting us in this process.

The Next Step is to set up your assessment, if you haven’t already, and then attend it. Here’s how the process works:

STEP ONE: Arrive at Daman’s Strength Training

16A Georgetown Ln, Beaver, PA 15009 | Click for Directions

There’s plenty of parking in front of the the building. You can also park on Buffalo Street.
***PLEASE do not park around any neighboring businesses as you may be towed at owner’s expense***

STEP TWO: Come On In!

Once you park, come on inside.

If you’re coming in for your assessment or your first session you’ll need the following.
1) Bring a water bottle (you can refill it here)
2) A clean pair of shoes (especially if its wet outside)…and yourself!

You will be greeted by either myself

Or one of our Team Members, listed HERE

We’ll be waiting to greet you and set you up for your first training session. You will probably hear and see one of our results based group training sessions being conducted. Since we want to give our groups our undivided attention, one of us will be coaching/training the members, and another one of us will be guiding you.
It’s very likely that we’ll introduce you to another one of the coaches. After all, we want to provide you with a full Team of coaches to help you reach your goals!

STEP THREE: Tour Daman’s Strength Training

Hey! I’ve still got a few questions…

11) What kind of training is this? Is DST like CrossFit?
CrossFit does barbell lifts, and so do we at DST. CrossFit has a minimalist approach to their gym equipment and facilities, and we take the same approach. But that is where the similarities end. At DST, we utilize a specific, structured and guided yearly plan. We avoid randomness, because it only breeds randomness. Our programming is established on the needs of athletes, and is filtered into the adult members. This scientific structure allows for us to progressively push members and athletes, while avoiding injury. The mindset that your workout should leave you feeling punished, demolished, destroyed, or grinding it out is pure marketing. It is human nature to assume more is better. Your workout should possess a goal that reaches for a point within an annual plan. We coach with an eye on proper bio-mechanics, an understanding of the body and fun. We are with you every step of the way. Remember, randomness breeds randomness and can lead to injury.
22) What should I expect on my first day?
Because our program is tailored to meet your needs, expect one of our friendly and supportive team members to guide you through your workout. We’ll teach you all the aspects of our workout structure, and adjust it to your needs.
3 3) I’ve seen the TV Shows…are you going to be yelling at me?
No way! Our Team is here to help you succeed, and support you every step of the way. The TV shows have it all wrong with yelling and belittling. A Coach’s job is to support your journey, and at DST that is exactly what you get.
44) I’ve heard DST is for lifters and tires and stuff, not for me.
Fortunately, our mission is to help the community of Pittsburgh, and the surrounding suburbs get fit, strong, and healthy through fitness and balanced eating. Our program is fit to our members, and can be adapted for anyone willing to put in the time and energy to get better.
55) Will this program make me gain muscle or get bulky?
Our programs are designed to help you get fit. Being fit means becoming leaner through proper nutrition and a proper exercise program. Our goal is to gain muscle and lose body fat. You will not become bulky through our program.

Any Questions?

Contact our Team and we’ll help within 24 hours.