MOVEment Camp

"Attention Parents: Winter MOVEment Camp for All Kids"

8 Week Camp / 2 Sessions Per Week!
The cost is $147 per month

* REDUCED from $187 per month

Exercise should always be viewed as FUN!

Don’t let winter keep your kids inside and on electronics! Get them MOVING!

Movement Quality

Improving Strength / Fitness

When: February 3rd - March 28th / 8 Weeks

Days/Time: Monday 7:00pm & Wednesday 7:00pm

Age Range: 10-13 years old (boys & girls)

Where: Daman’s Strength Training, 16A Georgetown Lane, Beaver

DEADLINE to sign up: January 31st

Program Details!

We’ll start off by teaching proper movement patterns through simple bodyweight exercises and games. This will teach everyone how to position their body safely and strongly.
After a foundation has been set with bodyweight exercises we will begin using BASIC tools such as sleds, sandbags, and kettlebells.
Consistently throughout the program, we will keep everyone moving with the idea of athleticism in mind.

Whether your child is an athlete or not we want to improve their movements which in turn will improve their quality of life!

1Program Details For Child & Parents

Monday: February 3rd 7pm / 1st day of training

Please Arrive at 6:45 pm / Park on Buffalo Street ONLY

Please make sure kids bring a clean pair of shoes each and every session!

Arrive 10 minutes early

Please park along side Buffalo Street and NOT on Georgetown Lane or in front of the local businesses along side Daman’s Strength Training


1What if I miss training days due to illness/vacation etc.?
You can schedule make up days with our coaches for any available times during the program.
2Does my child need to have a certain level of skill/athleticism?
No! Upon assessment of the individual athlete, we will place them in the appropriate level of training to give them the best chance at making progress throughout the program and beyond! This program is for the beginner AND the advanced athlete!
3Do you have to train the same days/times each week?
No, each week can be different. Whatever fits your schedule will fit ours!


Interested in our program?


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