Trench Academy

Trench Academy is the ONLY system engineered with a FOCUS on the Athletic Development of Interior Lineman! There is NOTHING ELSE LIKE THIS!

Program IDEOLOGY: What can I expect?

We focus on the PROPER migration of long-term development and field required positioning of the Offensive & Defensive Lineman.

• Hand-Punch Progressions

• Pass Protection Steps and Alignment

• Run Blocking Steps and Alignment

• Med-Ball Punches and Various Throws

• Fundamental Double-Team Skills

• 2nd (linebacker) and 3rd (safety/defensive back) level blocking

• Graceful Movement and Trunk Strength…REQUIREMENTS for EVERY good lineman!

• Sled Drags and Pulls

• Tire Flips and Slams !

Program Design

Our goal is to prime high school and collegiate level linemen for the upcoming season. We strive to do this by utilizing safe and effective methods that train the movements necessary to play the position. Although we incorporate drills and position work into the Academy, this is not a skills camp! Instead, we focus on preparing the athletes’ physical skills and abilities to best translate to the field on day one of camp, so that they are in the best position to succeed and be healthy during the season!

Other gyms and camps will only train linemen to produce a maximum amount of force in straight lines through heavy weightlifting and short sprints, while failing to acknowledge that football takes place in a 4D world. While power and strength are important and part of the training at Trench Academy, Coach Pete and Shawn also train body control, agility, and proper technique. This will ensure that the athlete will not only be able to hit hard but be able to get where he needs to be more quickly and stay up while doing it. You can’t block or tackle someone when you’re on the ground yourself!


1What if the athlete misses training days due to illness/vacation etc.?
You can schedule make up days with our coaches for any available times during the program.
2Does the athlete need to have a certain level of skill/athleticism?
No! Every athlete is in a constant state of development throughout their playing time! This program is for the beginner AND the advanced athlete!
3Do you have to train the same days/times each week?
Yes. This academy is being conducted every Saturday morning at 11am.

Meet the Team

Shawn Moody

Shawn is a sports enhancement specialist and operates as a Physical Preparation Coach to various athletes and teams in the surrounding Pittsburgh area. His specialties are focused in athletic speed development and resistance training utilizing various mediums for sport strength. Shawn has almost 30 years of “under the bar” training and sports experience that he values greatly. This hands-on experience makes him a constant student in the strength and conditioning field.

Shawn is a graduate of Waynesburg College where he was an all-conference defensive back. He attended CFL/NFL tryouts for Scout Camp in 1994. He is a Senior Certified Musculosystematic Engineer through the IISM and the I²SM School Educational Advancement Executive. Shawn is a certified Speed / Agility and Quickness Trainer through the National Exercise and Sports Training Association.

Shawn was a three-sport athlete growing up and has competed as a powerlifter in the Pittsburgh’s tri-state area. He continues his athletic lifestyle through his participation in Submission Grappling / BJJ.

Peter Thistle

Peter is currently in his first year of graduate school, studying in the Greater Pittsburgh area for a Master’s in Occupational Therapy (MOT). He is a graduate from the University of Delaware, earning his BS in Exercise Science while also minoring in Psychology, graduating in December of 2016. He also is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Peter is an accomplished retired student-athlete. While in high school at North Allegheny, he excelled as both a varsity football and track and field athlete. In football, he played primarily offensive center and defensive tackle, while throwing shot and discuss for the track team. Peter was an integral part of the football team’s 2010 and 2011 WPIAL AAAA titles as 1st Team All-Conference Offensive Center, while also winning the PIAA state title in his junior season (2010) and serving as team captain in his senior season (2011). After losing his scholarship offers to several Division 1 programs due to a knee injury late in his senior season, Peter walked onto the University of Delaware’s football team to become a Fightin’ Blue Hen, eventually earning significant playing time and a scholarship in his senior year as an offensive center and guard.

Interested in our program?

If you are ready to be an extraordinary lineman, now is the time to sign up. Limited spots are available, so act now.