Fit “U” Program

It’s Time to get more FLEXIBLE, STRONG, and FIT! Let’s do it now!

Universities across the country are done for the year and college kids are rolling back into town, but what do they have planned for the summer?

If you want to get them off the couch this summer and help them drop some of that "beer and pizza" weight they packed on last semester, we have just the program for you.

A Special Class For Just College Students

Focused On Burning Fat

Getting And Staying Lean

Getting Stronger!

Regaining Your Health Back!


College can be a great experience but it sometimes comes with a cost of weight gain, a focus around being inactive and poor nutritional habits! If you want to get off the couch and change the way you look and feel this summer, then Fit "U" is the Program for you!


Interested in our program?

If you are interested in staying fit over the holidays, now is the time to sign up. Limited spots are available, so act now.