Homemade Ghee from Butter

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January 22, 2018
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homemade ghee

Making homemade ghee is not complicated and is quite healthy!

homemade ghee

Making homemade ghee is not complicated and is quite healthy!

Why Ghee?
For anyone who has issues with lactose this is a great way to separate the whey (milk) from the butter. You also have less calories involved, still have the buttery flavor and most importantly the healthy fats!
The most important part before starting is to make sure you have Grass Fed Butter. Kerry Gold grass fed UNsalted butter!
Your first time making ghee I would use 16 oz of Kerry Gold Butter. In this demonstration I did 24oz.
Here are the steps! It’s fun! It’s simple and it keeps you mind on health!
    1. Use a saucepan
    2. Put the heat on Low/Medium Heat
    3. Cut up the butter and let it start to melt and the process begins.
    4. As the butter begins to melt the whey will begin to separate. The white foam that rises to the top is the whey.

  1. Scoop the whey from the saucepan and put it into a mason jar. (keep the whey as you can use for baking and cooking in general).
  2. Continue to separate the whey. Don’t let the butter boil or you will burn it. Stir it, turn the heat off, scoop all whey, repeat this process until the whey is gone and you’re able literally see the bottom of the saucepan.
Once you are complete you will need a cheese cloth or a tea towel to put over the mason jar where you will pour your Ghee.

Pour your Ghee, put the lid on and you have just made your first batch of healthy Ghee!

– Coach Rick

for more information >
Refer to Dr.Mercola: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2017/02/06/ghee-benefits.aspx

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