You’re in Charge of Your Child’s Nutrition!

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November 15, 2017
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November 30, 2017

Your Children: Their Choice of Nutrition and Night Time Snacks

Health is extremely important in my household.
Without health we have NOTHING! It’s true!
Since our kids were born my wife and I have always worked hard to put nothing but great food in front of them.
When they were babies my wife made baby food, she breast feed all three of our kids and as they began eating solid foods they ate the food we ate!
Chicken, salmon, asparagus, oatmeal, fruits. veggies and so on!
children eating healthy
I often times hear people say, “kid food”. “Kid food” what is that? I grocery shop every Sunday and I look at everyone’s grocery cart or grocery buggie?

For this post we’ll say “buggie”!

I do NOT judge anyone’s purchases I just simply observed.
Many times I see carts full of what can be classified as, “Kid Food”. A short list: Lunchables, Sugary drinks, pop, various cookies, fruit snacks (that has ZERO fruit) and so many other items.
We don’t wait until our kids are 14 to teach them to read, spell, tie their shoes or any other life skill.
Why do we look at nutrition any different?
Trying to teach them nutrition at age 18 won’t work. They have to make the change or you have to begin the process early on!
The second they are born we have the opportunity to give them the best health options!
children at the table eating healthy
When it comes to kids you have a big advantage to impress them, teach them, encourage them to learn about healthy food.
At breakfast, lunch and dinner discuss what’s on their plate. Tell them that an egg is a protein and give them some short facts about eggs.
Talk about the veggies on their plate and whey we need veggies!
Quiz them: Is this chicken a carb or protein? The educational approach is endless!
healthy eating by kids
Our approach at home is different.
There are times when I cook and they get ZERO options. The meals mainly consist of a protein, a veggies, some sort of healthy fat and a carb.
We consistently eat the same foods week after week. People are too picky and spoiled when it comes to food.

I have been eating the same foods for 15 years.

I change the way I eat them from time to time but I respect what these foods do for my health.

And then sometimes when I am home and have time I ask them individually, “What do you want to eat?”
Here’s a list of responses I get at times.
“Pancakes”, “Eggs and bacon”, Chicken and rice”, Oatmeal with honey and peanut butter”, “pizza”, and the list goes on.
There are times I will say, “I am cooking you chicken / salmon, what else do you want with it?
I want them to think about nutrition.
I use this opportunity to then educate them.
The days of throwing a plate of food on the table and saying, “you can’t leave the table until your food is gone” is out of style.
If that’s still your style that is fine. But I look at family meal time as an important opportunity to begin to educate your kids on nutrition!
You have meal time and then you have snack time!
elsa at the table eating healthy
“Daddy can I have a snack?”. This is when my wife and I give them options the most.
Snack time at night is the biggest time that people struggle. They crave sweets. They binge on junk, they stress eat and gain weight year after year.
This is when we give options because I want them to think.
We give them options such as strawberries, apple slices with peanut butter, almonds, cashews, peppers and much more.
The pictures I have shared on the post are of our children.
These pictures show them eating lunch. Lunch that consists of chicken and asparagus. The other pictures show my daughters picking their own snacks at night time.
The snacks consisted of almonds, raspberries, peppers, blueberries, crackers, and water!
For the record: There are times when we have ice cream, pizza for dinner, homemade Reese Cups and handfuls of chocolate chips!
Our goal isn’t perfection. Our goal is to educate them, guide them, show them, teach them, encourage them to understand nutrition and to make it a priority.
When they leave the house and move out they will have the tools to live a healthy life. It’s now up to them to live that life!

A re-cap of this post!

1. You’re in charge of your child’s nutrition.

2. They don’t have the right to tell you what they will eat.

3. Without health we have nothing!

Now Eat Up!
– Coach Rick

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