Be active, but not obsessed

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November 14, 2016
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November 18, 2016

Exercise is for everyone. I see it on a daily basis at our facility. We have every walk of life possible, and it’s very rewarding to reach so many people.

One of the biggest issues there can be with exercise is: Are you active or are you obsessed?

I used to be obsessed in my early 20s with everything. I never missed a workout training six days a week. I never enjoyed a single meal outside of my typical day of nutrition.

Over time I slowly worked myself to a state where I got injured: my elbow, my hip. And I slowly started to get burned out on my lifestyle.

An obsessed training approach may linger into later years with injuries as well. This is where people throw in the towel and start resorting back to the old ways of life.

Being obsessed with exercise and nutrition is by far the fastest way to burn out.

What’s the ultimate way to enjoy exercise, nutrition and maintain a consistently healthy lifestyle? We first have to find a personal peak level of physical strength, mental strength and nutritional strength and learn who we are in terms of fitness and health. It takes time. You have to work towards something. You have to work towards a goal.

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