Pulling yourself back together

Local Athlete with ACL Injury Trains Herself Back Into Shape
November 9, 2016

When people think of health, getting in shape and staying in shape, they often think only about food and exercise.

These two are very important, because it’s hard to stay fit and healthy if they are not staples in your everyday life. But what happens when you fall behind? What happens when you have an injury and have to stop exercising? What happens when you go on vacation and get into “vacation mode?” What happens when you get sick for a week?

You miss workouts. Your nutritional intake takes a hit. You lose strength. You lose conditioning, and you will lose motivation. It comes with the territory. These situations happen to everyone.

At some point if you are working toward a better you, you are going to face an obstacle that will set you back. Be ready; we are not invincible. What do we do to pull it back together?

We work every day at getting back to our routine. We get out of bed. We work to regain energy and positive thoughts. We work to regain the passion we have for health and exercise.

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